Best Night Vision Dash Cam Reviews: For Better Video Quality While Driving In Low Light And Darkness

Our security is always important and even more so in a vehicle. Perhaps you’re the kind of person who invests in accessories for added safety. From the booster seats that your child uses to the extra mirrors and gadgets in your car, you like to feel like you have it covered.

Do you have a dash cam with night vision? If not, this may be one item that you should make a priority. Just imagine getting in an accident and having no way to prove your innocence. If it’s legal in your state, you could be saving yourself plenty of trouble.

From being able to back up your insurance claims in an accident to proving your innocence when slapped with a ticket, a dash cam is often a life-saver.

Are you someone who wants to make sure to stay safe and/or prove your innocence should the occasion arise? A dash cam is exactly what you need. But, not any old dash cam will do. You want one that provides you with features that can ensure the best and clearest recordings, and also that will save them.

Because you want one that will also work at night, you’ll need to look for the best night vision car camera. The ones below are some of the best priced ones and also promise quality. From the larger ones with internal battery to the simple ones that will record when you need them to, there is something for everyone. Take a look.

Our Top 5 Best Night Vision Dash Cam Recommendations

1 – Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

If you’re willing to spend a bit extra for your camera, the Vantrue might do. While a bit costlier than most, it also has some excellent features. The Vantrue can record the front and rear, so you can always rest assured that you’ll be covered, no matter what. It records simultaneously, so whether you get hit in the rear or front, you will get it on tape.

To ensure that you can capture what’s happening at night, the Vantrue is equipped with a great infrared night vision. It has F2.0 6-glass lens which means it can record clearly, even in dark surroundings. It has a HDR video system which helps to provide you with balanced, clear footage.

The seamless loop recording ensures that your new footage can overwrite older footage. This means that you are continuously recording, even if you forget to delete old recordings. It has a G-sensor with variable sensitivity which automatically saves footage when accidents happen. It also has a microphone and time lapse functions.


  • It has several attractive features for more versatility
  • It records quality, clear footage to help you zoom into detail
  • The LED lights aren’t a distraction while driving
  • It can clearly record audio as well
  • It’s easy to set up within a few minutes


  • It’s small and difficult to handle
  • It isn’t very cheap

2 – YI 2.7K Ultra Dash Cam

The YI is an obvious camera, so if you want to hide it, it’s not the best. But, it has some attractive features that you may want to consider before you decide. The wide-angle lens mean that you can record anything happening to up to three lanes. It doesn’t distort the footage and captures more than many other options.

It has a voice control feature that allows you to control it while you focus on driving. It also has an easy-to-use interface, so you can set it your preferred settings, even while driving. It comes with a 16GB SD card so you can save your recordings and not have to worry about deleting them immediately.

It even has a gravity sensor so that it records accidents, to ensure that they don’t accidentally get deleted. It’s light sensors ensure that you get good performance when recording at night.


  • It’s relatively affordable
  • It has loop recording so you don’t need multiple SD cards
  • It locks footage when in an accident to avoid losing it
  • It can record wide spaces for better view of what happens
  • It has decent quality for nighttime use


  • It doesn’t capture license plates well
  • It gets hot easily

3 – OldShark 3" 1080P Camera with 32GB Card

The OldShark is very easy to set up. You just have to put it on your dashboard or windshield, connect the cable, and it can start working. With an LCD display, you can easily control your OldShark while focusing on the road. It allows you to instantly playback should you need to.

The OldShark captures at a 170 wild angle so you can record the road and protect yourself from false claims. It has 1080p footage, which is decent for recording both during the day and at night.

You can even set your G-sensor to the sensitivity settings that work best of ryou and your needs.

The materials on the OldShark ensure that it will last for months to come. With zinc alloy metal, it will work well in hot places, during collisions, and even in explosions. The camera comes with a USB cable, power cable, an easy-to-install suction mount, and cable clips.

It also has a motion detection mechanism, night vision features, and locks footage when in an accident. As a relatively affordable car dash camera with night vision, it’s a good option for those on a budget. It has most of the features that you could want.


  • It has high resolution for a lot more detailed recoding
  • The wide lens captures a lot more from beside you
  • It has good night vision quality for night time driving
  • It is an affordable camera
  • The company provides good customer service


  • It’s challenging to set up
  • The instructions aren’t easy to understand

4 – DDPai Mini2P Distortionless HD

An option with HD Video that promises quality night vision, the DDPai has wide angle lens and a large aperture. This helps you to get clear footage, day or night. While your recordings can be played on your phone, the resolution is always better on a PC.

The DDPai has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can operate the dash cam from your phone if desired. Loop recording ensures that you save the most recent footage, while the G-sensor helps you to always record if there’s a collision. It also allows the possibility of prolonged recording, although you’ll need extra accessories.

The lens on this baby are some of the best as they have zero distortion and you’ll never have to worry about fish-eye effects. The camera comes with a car adapter, crowbar, USB to micro cable, and a remote snap button.


  • It is relatively affordable
  • It records clear footage with a lot of detail
  • It has decent night vision quality
  • The lens provides distortion-free recording even at wide angles
  • It blends in well in vehicles so won’t look out of place


  • It’s challenging to set up
  • It can be challenging to connect with the phone app

5 – Innosinpo 1080P Full HD Mini Car Dashboard Camera

The Innosinpo may not be the fanciest, but it’s definitely one of the cheapest. It has 6 IR Led lights to ensure that you get quality recordings at night. The 2.7 screen allows you to view recordings without distortion.

It has 1920 x 1080 P resolution, as well as wide angle lens. This helps you to be able to record all around your vehicle. When it comes to accidents, you never know where you’ll get hit and being able to capture footage of the area surrounding your car helps.

The G-sensor is sensitive enough to record if a collision happens, so you can always be sure to record mishaps. The Innosinpo locks the recording so there is no way for it to get lost. It deletes older footage automatically, so you can always be sure to have new recordings on your camera, should you need them. Unlike some other options, the Innosinpo doesn’t record when the car is turned off.


  • It automatically records and saves collision footage
  • It’s highly affordable making it a great investment
  • It has loop recording so you don’t need multiple memory cards
  • It’s small and doesn’t get in the way
  • It records wide-coverage


  • It’s fragile and flimsy
  • The instructions are challenging to understand

Feature You Should Focus On

Choosing the right option for you is about understanding your needs. What is the biggest reason why you want a dash cam? What matters most to you in the one that you choose? Many people purchase these kinds of cameras without understanding what to look for. If you want one that works at night, look for one that states that it has night vision.

  • Memory Space: You want to pay attention to the amount of GB that it has. You won’t always be able to get around to deleting older recordings or downloading them, so you should be aware of the GB. 

    You should also consider if the camera automatically deletes old recordings or if it’s something that you have to do manually. Another feature that has to do with storage is if whether or not, it records and saves footage during emergency situations.
  • Views: A lot of cameras only record the front, but you never know where you’ll be hit. Find one that records both front and rear views so that you can always be protected, no matter what. From being able to capture blind spots to recording passerbys when parked, you want a lens that records broader views for better results.
  • Battery: Most options only come with a power cable. This means that they can work while you’re driving and the car is turned on, but when you turn it off, there goes dash cam protection. If you’re concerned about thieves breaking in or your car getting hit when parked at night, find a camera with an internal battery that you can depend on.
  • Lens: Wide angle lens help you to ensure that you record everything that you need to when you need to. Some can record up to three lanes which may be what you need. Recording a wider range can help to provide you with footage of the unexpected. If you use one with a lens that doesn’t cover as much space, you may not catch the face of a thief or the license plate of a car that has hit you.
  • Night vision quality: You may love a camera that seems to get great quality footage in the day time. But, when it comes to recording at night, you can’t see a thing. You probably drive just as much at night as you do during the day and night vision quality is important. Yet, not every camera that promises night vison recording actually captures what you need. Focus on finding one that can capture anything from faces to license plates—at night.
  • Motion Detection: A camera with an internal battery can record while you’re away. But, of course, the battery will run out quickly if running the whole time. What you need is a camera that can pick up on motion detection and record when you aren’t driving.


If you are looking for the cheapest option, one with an easy-to-use system, or one with motion detection, these 5 cameras are ideal options. From the more affordable ones that have good features to the fancier ones with stunning video quality, you can take your pick.

The best night vision dash cam can ensure that you have what you need to back you up in case of an accident or robbery. Perhaps you want one that looks fancy or one with the option of using it when the car is turned off.

Just make sure that it’s legal where you live and find out whether you can record audio or not. Once you’re sure that it’s allowed, you can trust that it’s a great investment. Choose the one that suits your needs and drive away feeling more protected than ever!