BlackVue DR650S-2CH Dash Cam: WiFi And GPS Enabled With Dual Camera System

BlackVue DR650S-2CH Dash Cam

What would you think would be the best way to keep from getting slapped with false insurance claims? As anyone who has ever been in a collision knows, it can be a challenge to prove your innocence.

Whether you have to depend on the goodness of the other person involved or on eyewitness accounts, it can be a headache to prove that you’re not at fault. This is why considering a dual dash cam with WiFi is a good idea.

The best WiFi dash cam can provide you with the real proof you need to show that you aren’t at fault for an accident. Of course, just choosing any camera that comes your way isn’t a good idea. When you have the best kind of dash cam, you can get quality footage that will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind to your innocence. It will be hard for someone to say, “He caused the accident” when the footage is clear as day that the accuser did.

To ensure that you find one that you can depend on, do your research before shopping. There are several features that are important to have and others that are just extras. Finding the one that is best suited for your needs is also a matter of preference. Whether style matters to you or you simply want one that has fantastic night vision, there are as many options as there are tastes.

To help you get started on your search, the following information on the BlackVue dr650s 2ch can give you an idea what to look for. It’s considered to be a reliable camera and can provide you with the dependable footage you need to prove your innocence.

Quick Overview

Hopefully you aren’t looking for subtle designs, because the BLackVue is a bit more obvious than many would like. But, if this doesn’t matter to you, you’ll appreciate the sturdy build of the BlackVue. While it is a bit bulky, because it doesn’t have a display which tends to grab more attention.

The BlackVue has variety in its features, starting with the fact that it has several different recording modes. For example, the motion detection parking mode can help you to find the person who runs into your car when you’re not around. The G-sensor will ensure that the footage is saved upon collision.

As a dual dash cam, it will ensure that you get front and rear footage. The BlackVue includes a 16gb SD card, so you don’t have to worry about rushing out to get one—you can use it right out of the box. With a cloud feature, you can easily save your footage without having to fuss with cables, etc. Sometimes, you may want to reformat your SD card or replace it with one that has more GB, but otherwise, this dashcam doesn’t require much fussing around with.

With a 360-rotation cylinder, you can get complete coverage. This is a highly beneficial feature, as cars can come crashing into you from anywhere. The universal file format can allow you to see playback on all kinds of devices. It can work with Mp4, or my way viewer. The Blackvue also has an app and software for a PC, so viewing your saved footage is a piece of cake.

It has high-capacity memory card support, as well as a 2-megapixel cmos sensor.

While there is little information provided by the manufacturers regarding its night vision, users will find that it records decent quality footage, even at night. Because accidents can happen wherever and whenever, being protected day and night is a huge plus.

Some people may like cameras with LCD displays, but the BlackVue can only be viewed on your PC or phone. This may actually be beneficial in that it won’t distract you while on the road.

One thing to bear in mind concerning the BlackVue is that it may not be the best one for you if you live in a warm climate. Unless you commit to removing it when you’re not in the car on sunny days, it doesn’t do well with heat. It does do a decent job when it comes to getting details, and you can depend on it for reading license plates. This is necessary as a hit-and-run report without a license plate number will be challenging to track down.

With a built-in microphone, you can also record audio. This can be beneficial when you have issues with the individual that crashes into you. Just be aware that it isn’t legal to record audio with passengers in your car in every state. It also has built-in GPS to prove time and location of accident. All in all, it’s a relatively reliable GPS dashcam option for most drivers.


  • It has a G-sensor for automatically saved footage
  • ​The 360-rotation cylinder is great for optimal coverage
  • ​You can easily view footage with app/cloud function
  • It records high-quality footage
  • It can support up to a 128GB SD Card for plenty of saved footage


  • The audio recording isn’t the best on the BlackVue
  • It is somewhat overpriced for what it offers

Top Features

As you try to find the best dash cam for road trips or city use, you could be a bit confused. If you’re a first-time dashcam owner, you could wonder what the best features are for optimal use.

While some features are simply a matter of preference, others make a big difference when it comes to getting the best use out of your dash cam. Take a look at the following features to determine what you want in your dashboard camera.


One of the must-have features on the BlackVue is the G-sensor. The G-sensor will automatically save footage upon collision. It can be a challenge to remember to save footage when an accident happens, so the G-sensor helps to take away some stress. If you want one single feature to focus on when shopping for a dash cam, focus on the G-sensor and its ability to save collision footage.


You don’t just want a frontal camera to capture footage that will protect you should an accident happen. To be sure that you are completely covered (in terms of footage), a dual dash cam is highly important. While there are some options that only have a front view, it’s best to make sure that you get dual footage.

SD Card

Many cameras have loop recording, which makes it easy to get rid of older files to make space for new ones. While this option doesn’t have loop recording, it does have the ability to use a SD card with up to 128GB. The BlackVue comes with a 16GB SD card that can fit plenty to start off with. After all, you don’t want to have to be constantly deleting files, so the more room the better.


You want an easy way to save your footage and be able to view it—especially since this camera doesn’t have a display on it. When you find a camera like this, obviously you’ll need some way to view it. While there are some that will require you to transfer files through cable, the BlackVue is great, because you simply upload it to the cloud and can view it on your phone or PC via the app.

Parking mode

When it comes to collisions, you don’t always have to be in your car for them to happen. While you’ve run inside the grocery store and left your car parked, another driver could crash into your car.

If you’re not in the car, you may have no idea who it is, but with the BlackVue’s parking mode, you can capture details while away. While the parking mode won’t last for the whole night, it’s great for days when you’re running errands.

Is It For You?

Before making the purchase, you will want to be sure that this option is for you. With several cameras on the market, you have a plethora to choose from. Making a decision on any product can be challenging, but especially when it’s not the cheapest and you’re not familiar with its use. The following questions are a good way to gauge if you need a dash cam, and if so, is this the one?

  • Is it legal in your state? Before you run off to purchase the first camera you think of, bear in mind that it may not be legal in your state. As subtle as some dash cams may be, if a cop catches you with one, it may not be the best.
  • Is it in your budget? If you’re thinking about buying a dash cam, consider if you have the cash for it and if so, which kind of camera can you afford? The BlackVue is a quality camera, but it isn’t the most budget-friendly option on the market. Fortunately, there are some more affordable options that while they lack in the features that this one has, they provide decent quality footage.
  • Do you want a display on your camera? Some people like to see the footage being recorded as they’re driving while others prefer to see it later. What is your preference? The BlackVue may not be the best for you if you must have a camera LCD display. If not, the app is simple to use, and you can view the footage on your phone or laptop without any issues.
  • Do you want a subtle camera that won’t be obvious to others? If a hidden camera is more the look that you’re going through, you may want to look elsewhere. While it isn’t the most obvious dash cam because it doesn’t have a display, it’s not as small as one may hope. If you must use a camera that won’t be noticeable, then you might want to consider a different one.
  • How important is night vision to you? The BlackVue does have decent resolution at night and can provide you with fair details. Yet, there are others that have been designed with optimization of night vision. If you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll get flawless night footage, this may not be the best one for you. While you probably spend more time driving in the day, you probably run out at night every now and then.
  • Does parking mode seem like a must-have feature? If you have ever had your car dinged in a parking lot, you know how annoying it can be. You may ask several different people who might have done it and they could have an idea. But, without any evidence, it may be impossible to find the guilty party. A parking mode on a dash cam can make a world of difference and help you find a person who hits your car and then drives away.


The BlackVue is a good option for those who want a reliable, quality dash cam that won’t give up the ghost too easily. It has some good features that you will want in your camera, such as the G-sensor and parking mode. Even though it isn’t the cheapest option around, it does deliver value that you should look for in your dashboard camera.

For its value and its quality, it’s a dependable dash cam that could make a world of difference in your life, should a collision occur. Who wants to have to pay higher insurance rates? You won’t have to when you have a reliable dash cam, so make sure to choose one that you can rely on.