Why You Should Consider Investing In A Car Security Camera

Car crime across America has been steadily on the decrease since the early 1990s up until the present day. Extensive studies carried out by a leading U.S research company has found that the theft of motor vehicles is far more likely to happen to you than you may expect.

However, auto theft is falling. In 1990, a grand total of 1,635,900 cars were reported stolen right across America. This may seem like a large number. But that number has been dropping year on year and the figure stood at 765,484 last year, which is quite a considerable drop.

In 2016, the worst state to live in for reported vehicle theft was California. The research found that 176,756 motor cars were reported stolen in The Golden State. By contrast, the safest place in the U.S regards car theft crime in 2016 was Vermont. With just 282 reported car thefts.

The statistics have to be put into context as there is a population of roughly 39.25 million people in California. As opposed to just 624,954 people living in Vermont.

So, as you can see from the information above even though car crime may be dropping it is still seen as a major problem across the country. How can we prevent our vehicles from being stolen? Well, the best way is to fit our motors with a car security camera.

We have been kitting our homes out with security systems for years. So why not our cars? Gone are the days when buying a cheap car alarm was enough of a deterrent to car thieves. As motor vehicles are becoming more expensive to buy it goes without saying that the cost of having them stolen is too high a risk to take.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the benefits of investing in a car security camera. It may cost you some money in the short-term. But it could save you heaps in the long-term.

The Traditional Solution

Let’s be honest. Car theft has been around for years. And it is thought that the first car alarm was invented in 1913 by an unnamed man from Denver. He was ironically serving time in prison for theft.

This early version of the alarm was manually armed and triggered when somebody tried to crank the engine. It was not until three years later in 1916 that a car alarm with a remote starter was invented. This version meant the owner had to carry a large device around with them. The receiver would make a buzzing noise if the car ignition system was being tampered with.

Of course, over the years technology advanced. And the alarm would go off and make a loud noise if anyone approached the car too closely. Today most new cars are built with an OEM alarm which is fitted to the vehicle when it is being built in the factory.

Another way of keeping your car safe is by having a home security camera in your driveway. This would always be pointed toward your car. This would often act as a good deterrent to would-be car thieves as they would know that they were being recorded.

Problems With This Solution

Car alarm systems have improved over the years. Mainly due to more advanced technology. But as the alarms have improved so have the car criminals.

Criminals are constantly devising ways of breaking into and stealing your car. So, car alarms and driveway security cameras are not as effective at preventing cars from being stolen as they once were.

The speed at which a criminal can break into your car and drive it away has increased. So, the fact that the alarm makes a loud noise does not prove to be much of a deterrent.

It is all very well having security cameras in your driveway. But more often than not a thief will be able to cover the camera with a black spray. As a result you are not able to view them stealing your car.

Also, a large number of people do not have a driveway and have to park their car in another part of the street. Or even a different street so having a car alarm or driveway security is not much use in this instance.

You can’t take a driveway home security camera with you to the next street. But you can arm your vehicle with a car surveillance camera.

High Tech Car Security Solutions

So, it has become blatantly obvious that the old security measures are no longer that effective at protecting you from car crime. Therefore, you really need to start investing in a security camera.

Over the years people have been put off buying a car surveillance camera because of how much it would cost. However, you really need to ask the question: Will it be cost-effective in the long-term? The answer has to be yes.

While the price of getting your car kitted out with a security camera can cost in the region of $65 up to $500. It will be worth it to help prevent your vehicle from being damaged or stolen.

There are so many different types of surveillance cameras for cars available to buy. You really are spoilt for choice. It really has become a boom industry over the past 10-years.

You can buy a relatively cheap duel view car camera for around $79-100. This in car security camera will normally be fitted to your dashboard. They are more commonly referred to as a dashcam.

Like with most things in life the more you are willing to spend the better the specification on the product is. Some vehicle security cameras come with night vision so that it can record things clearly even at nighttime.

If you are serious about protecting your car then you could invest in a Radar Detector Hidden Camera. This in car security camera is activated by motion detection. If someone tries to enter your car there will be some real evidence.

There are also vehicle security cameras that are able to back up any video recording to a cloud storage system. So that even if the car is stolen you will have video evidence that could still be used in court.

Benefits Of These Modern Solutions

After your home, your car is probably the most expensive commodity you are ever likely to own. Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars on their car. So, it stands to reason that they want to keep it in pristine condition.

While you may go to the local car wash each week to have your car cleaned, waxed and polished. It is probably more important to invest in a security cam.

There is a whole host of reasons why having surveillance cameras for cars is so important. A lot of them you probably aren't aware of.

How many times have you come back to the parking lot only to find that your car has been damaged? Yes, quite a few times. If you had a camera then it would help you track down the person who has caused unreported accidental damage to your vehicle.

The car surveillance camera you are using would have to come with motion detection functionality to be able to record the accidental damage as it happens. These security cameras do not need the engine to be running to be able to record the incident. It goes without saying that surveillance cameras for cars are excellent for discouraging thieves who are intent on stealing from your car or stealing the car itself.

Any video recordings made can be used as evidence in a court of law to help try and bring a conviction against the thief.

In car cameras have been used by taxi drivers and private hire limo firms for years. Mainly to act as a deterrent against antisocial behavior by passengers who are using the service. The same can be said for any public transport service. In extreme cases, video footage will help to bring a criminal conviction against a person in a court trial.

If you invest in a vehicle security camera it can also come in handy to provide video evidence in the event of road traffic accident. The video footage can be used in a court. Or be sent to your insurance company to prove that you were not at fault for the accident.

Car Theft And Unreported Damage Statistics

Lots of people do not report minor car accidents because they are afraid that their insurance premium rate will dramatically increase.

People decide not to claim because being involved in an accident is thought to increase your insurance rate from roughly $1,500 to over $5,000. And it stays high for around six years.

However, it is not always the best idea not to go through your claims company. Because by paying for the damage to yours or another person’s vehicle you’re leaving yourself open to them still going to their own insurance company after you have agreed not to.

This is where a car security camera is very beneficial. Because you will have video footage of the accident and will be able to send it to the insurance company as evidence.

Cost Benefit Examples

It seems a little bit silly why somebody would not invest in a car surveillance camera when you consider the potential cost benefits of having one.

A vehicle security camera costs roughly between $65 and $500 to buy. Depending on how high-spec you want the device to be. But that is small change in comparison to how much money you could potentially lose if you don’t a camera fitted.

If you imagine the costs you could incur if you were a victim of car crime. For example, if your car was broken into. And a number of valuable items were stolen such as a high-spec stereo system. Or a top of the range cell phone or even a bag containing your wallet and credit cards. The cost of replacing any one of these items is going to be far more expensive than what you paid for the camera.

Then, of course, there is the worst-case scenario of your car being stolen. This would cost you thousands of dollars. However, if you had a car surveillance camera that was able to upload video to a cloud storage system then it is more than likely that you would be able to track down the car. And the person who stole it.

So, as you can see it would be far more cost-effective to invest in a car security camera than it would be in not purchasing one.


It is clear to see that cameras are becoming increasingly important to motorists throughout America. And the rest of the world. Some people may still think that having a car surveillance camera is a little bit of a luxury. But in truth, they can save you a whole lot of time and hassle.

For a relatively small price, you can purchase a simple camera. And it will give you peace of mind when it comes to traffic violations, your car being damaged or even in the worst outcome stolen.

The overall quality of vehicle security cameras has improved remarkably over the years. So much so that video footage is recorded in HD quality. And this is a massive benefit if the recording needs to be used as evidence in a court case.

If you are considering purchasing a camera then it is advised that you do extensive research into the type of model you want to buy. As you would expect there is a whole host of different models to buy. They all come with different technical specifications, different sizes and of course different prices.

The important thing to remember is that if you want to protect yourself against car crime a car security camera is the best way to go about it.

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