Cute Look TM HD Basic Car Dash Cam Review

Dash cams are reliable devices that provide 100% objective evidence of driving activities in the case of an altercation. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but when it comes down to it, most of these devices are comparable in providing an essential feature: recording capability. Where various dash cams differ are in their picture resolution, day/night recording functionality, a degree of swivel, and other additional manufacturer features.

The Cute Look TM HD is a top-rated device that offers the essential features one expects from a dash cam in addition to a few perks. As the brand name suggests, this device is “cute” in that it is not bulky. Instead, 2.5” screen provides enough screen space to allow for easy visibility while being compact enough that the device does not obstruct the windshield. The dash cam charges through the car charger, and because of this, it will also automatically turn on when the engine is started.

The IR LEDs allow this device to record high-quality footage during both day and nighttime driving. Its microphone feature and 270-degree swivel capability make this the perfect recording device in case anyone should approach the driver side window to instigate an unwelcome confrontation. A sturdy, suction cup camera mount also makes the Cute Look TM HD easy to install.

Product Features:

  • Resolution Settings: 1280x960p, 720x480p, 640x480p
  • 2.5" TFT LCD Screen
  • 270-degree whirl
  • IR LEDs: Auto or Off
  • Automatic recording after the power up
  • Automatic shut-off after engine is off
  • Cycled Recording
  • Supports SD / MMC Card up to 32GB
  • Audio recording
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Power input: DC5V (car charger)
  • 4 language settings: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian

Product Specifications:

Three resolution settings allow you to choose between high-resolution picture quality or, for increased storage capacity, lower resolution settings. The 2.5” screen is large enough for easy viewing without obstructing windshield visibility. The 270-degree whirl capability allows the driver to record not only incidents taking place in front of the car but also to the sides.

The IR LEDS, which can be set to auto or turned off, allow for greater picture quality during nighttime recording. The two modes, video and camera, allow the driver to take snapshots, such as of license plates, for additional back-up. The recording is automatically cycled in a loop that deletes the oldest footage, and footage can be stored on SD/MMC cards up to 32GB. Recording can be stored in 2, 5, or 15-minute segments.

Audio recording functionality, which can be turned on/off at user discretion, provides additional security. Timestamp selection allows the driver to choose between displaying both date and time or time only. Secure and easy installation is made possible with the suction cup camera mount. It literally takes about 5 minutes to set up.


  • High-resolution settings
  • 270-degree whirl allows for recording activities surrounding the car
  • IR LEDs for nighttime recording
  • Automatic recording after engine start
  • Automatically turns off after engine is off
  • Cycled recording guarantees non-stop recording
  • Extensive storage with 32GB SD card
  • Audio and camera features


  • Camera view is not wide angle
  • Limited language settings

Is Cute Look TM HD the Right One?

The Cute Look TM HD ranks amongst the top-rated dash cams because of its versatility. Regarding the price, screen size, 270-degree whirl, IR LEDs, audio feature, camera mode, and storage capacity with a 32GB SD card, the Cute Look is comparable to the Lecmal 2.5” HD. Unlike the Lecmal, however, the Cutelook lacks the 120-degree wide-angle view, which means the amount of activity it can capture is only in the front of the car. The 270-degree whirl allows it to still move in place should the driver need to record activity on the sides of the vehicle. The cycled loop recording makes this device optimal for non-stop recording, and because it deletes and records over old footage, the user does not have to worry about clearing the memory space when no incidents have occurred.

In summary, the Cute Look TM HD is an excellent and affordable device that ensures driver protection. We highly recommend it as one of the best devices available on the market, so purchase your Cute Look TM HD Dash Cam today!

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