What Are The Advantages Of A Dual Dash Cam?

Advantages Of A Dual Dash Cam

Equipping your car with a dual dash cam gives you insurance from the everyday realities of accidents, traffic altercations and other unforeseen circumstances that happen on the road.

When you have a dual lens dash cam it means you have dashboard cameras in the front and another in the rear of your car. A front and rear camera system is the best. This way, should anything happen on the road whether it involves you or not, will be captured on video as evidence.

With a dual dash cam, the front unit is usually mounted on the windshield of the car. It functions to record everything that happens in front and within your peripheral vision. The rear unit is actually a smaller camera that records footage from the back of your vehicle.

The basic operational setup of a dual dash cam allows both front and rear units to run and record at the same time. The rear camera is connected to the main unit via a long co-axial cable.

What are the advantages of having a car dual lens dash cam?

1. Improved Focus on the Road

When you have dashboard cameras mounted on the front and rear of your car, you can drive with peace of mind. Every day out on the road is an adventure. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be a misadventure.

You share the road with other private car owners, public utility vehicles and pedestrians. No one can ever know what will happen on a particular day. But having the dual dash cam record in real time will keep you from being distracted and allow you to focus more attention on the road ahead.

2. Provides Video Evidence in the Event of an Accident or a Crime

Although we mentioned this advantage earlier, it is worth discussing in deeper detail the importance of having video footage presented as evidence.

If you are involved in an accident, video footage is generally considered irrefutable evidence of who’s at fault or of the actual circumstances surrounding the incident.

Dual dash cam footage will show how you got hit by another car and help determine who hit who. The road is also home to malicious groups and individuals who stage accidents and victimize innocent vehicle owners for their auto insurance scam.

How about pedestrians who suddenly jump in front of your car and file charges against you for personal injury in the hope of milking you of your hard earned money?

Protecting you from criminal activity is definitely one of the biggest advantages of having dual dash cams installed in your car.

3. Protection Versus Rogue and Undisciplined Drivers

More and more cars traverse our roads every year. The more cars there are on the road the higher the risk of accidents happening. But the reason is not the number of cars. The bigger contributing factor is the higher number of drivers.

As technologically advanced cars are today, these 4,000 pound machines are still managed by emotionally-flawed humans. In most cases, how a person drives is a reflection of his/her true character.

And since not everyone on the road can be a good, law abiding, defensive driving and respectful person, you will have your fair share of miscreants for lack of a more printable word.

You’ve heard of incidents where harmless drivers are frequently harassed by these roguish characters for no other reason than to have fun at their expense.

There are also drivers who feel empowered by their vehicle that they believe it is their right to cut across everyone alongside them. Then of course you have those who drive like “Kings of the Road” and think they are beyond the scope of speed limits.

Dual dash cams can capture their behaviour on video. You can present these to the local authorities as irrefutable evidence and make sure their undisciplined ways will not bring harm to other people.

4. Insurance Versus Theft and Vandalism

One of the best dual dash cam models you can buy are those that continue to record while the car is parked or shut off. Again, you never know what’s going to happen or what the fates have in store for you on a particular day.

Wake up one morning and you might find your car vandalized with spray paint. Worse, someone may have broken in your car to steal your stereo, CD player or the tablet you left behind.

The situation would be much worse if you had no clue on who was responsible. By having a dual dash cam in your car, you have a fighting chance to bring the perpetrator to justice.

5. Record Family Vacations and Memorable Road Trips

A dual dash cam is not only for protection and added security measure. One of its overlooked advantages is that a dual dash cam can be used to record family vacations and road trips into memorable videos you can enjoy every time nostalgia kicks in.

Do you want to relive your first trip to Whitehaven Beach in Queensland? How about the scenic drive along Great Alpine Road and Bogong Alpine Way in Victoria? These are beautiful memories that you will probably want to relive time and time again.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss catching some of the most unbelievable stuff caught on camera. Who knows? Maybe your dual dash cam might capture the first video footages of a Bunyip, the Hawkesbury River Monster or the Muldjewangk.


Today’s dual dash cam is much more technological advanced than its predecessors. It has many advantages owing to having more features than the first few models that were introduced to the market years ago.

These features include having audible notifications so you can keep track of the status of the recording. The dual dash cam will also inform you if there are technical issues with the equipment or its component parts.

Another one of its more significant advantages is being equipped with a GPS to help you track your speed and location. Your travels and destinations will be automatically logged in and stored as a file for easy location and retrieval.

One the best dual dash cam models you can buy is a unit that uses very little battery. Look for dual dash cam brands that come with an internal battery source.

Lastly, these new versions of the dual dash cam feature high resolution video screens. You can capture and view high quality images that will make sure identification of personalities will be clear as day.

Install a dual dash cam in your cam today. It is an investment that will pay off dividends in terms of security, protection from fraudulent activities and peace of mind.

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