KDLINKS R100 1269P Dual Dash Cam Review

KDLINKS R100 Review

Investing in a good quality dash cam can offer you unmatched security while driving, by documenting your trip and capturing any unexpected moments. In the event of a collision, having recorded evidence of the crash can protect you from wrongful accusations for insurance and legal purposes. They can also help protect your personal security, which is why police officers, taxi drivers, and others who spend significant time driving often invest in these devices. In addition to security, however, dash cams are also fun gadgets that can be used to record your road trip, hands-free.

Dual dash cams, like the KDLINKS R100 1269P dual dash cam, are marketed towards drivers who want complete surveillance of their vehicles, from front to back. So, for those that are looking for the ultimate protection, this is an excellent choice. These cameras allow you to record both front facing and back facing views through the same channel for maximum visibility. This type of technology gives you added security, in both the event of a head-on or rear-end collision.

Product Features:

  • Dual camera
  • Super high-quality, full-HD recording (front: 1296P, rear: 1080P)
  • Wide-angle lens (140° for both cameras)
  • G-sensor for data protection and backup in the event of a collision
  • Parking mode with motion sensor (only available for cars that offer constant power supply)
  • Night mode
  • 5” IPS screen
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • Loop recording

Product Specifications:

The KDLINKS R100 1269P dual dash cam records video footage at a speed of 30 frames per second and offers high-quality HD recording (front: 1296P, rear: 1080P) with wide 140° angle views. The auto-off feature gives this device the unique ability to automatically shut the device off if no motion is detected within 5 minutes of parking. This KDLINKS gadget also features a parking mode with motion sensor recording, but this feature is only available for vehicles that offer a constant power supply even while turned off. This device also comes with a 16GB micro-SD card and adapter, but it can be used with properly formatted 64/128 GB cards.


  • The dual camera system allows you to simultaneously record what is happening in front of and behind your vehicle.
  • G-sensor offers information backup and security in the event of a crash, allowing you to retrieve footage even if your car is a total loss.
  • The automatic shutoff feature prevents you from having to manually turn off your dash cam every time your park.
  • High-quality 1296/1080P video


  • The mount for this device causes it to sit away from the interior windshield, creating a glare in the video
  • Poor night vision
  • SD cards will need to be reformatted to FAT32 for compatibility
  • Inconvenient memory card slot location (top of device, meaning you must adjust the mirror for access)
  • Large mirror size may interfere with your sun visor’s mobility

Is KDLINKS R100 the Right One?

car mirror

Though the KDLINKS R100 1269P dual dash cam is still a great product that offers many valuable features, we felt that one of the biggest drawbacks of this product is the lacking ergonomic design partnered with a high price point.

It should be noted, however, that dual dash cam products tend to be much more expensive than single-lens dash cams, thanks to the advanced technology required to host the multiple recording angles on a single channel. So, it is important to consider whether certain features are going to be up-to-par for what you are seeking for your dual dash cam. While some complain that the top loading memory card placement, large mirror size, and mount structure (something that may cause a glare in your video) could have been better planned, we still feel this is a worthy product for purchase based on the high-quality mechanics and customized details.

If the dual camera feature is an important selling point for you, this dash cam is a good option that offers several other high-rated features. The ultra HD resolution (front: 1296P, rear: 1080P) and the wide 140° angle view of the KDLINKS R100 1269P Dual provide great visibility—allowing you to document the road ahead of you, behind you, and in your peripheral. Also, this product offers a rather large screen compared to other dash cams, giving you the option of whether you want just your front view on, your back view, or both views displayed at the same time.

Don’t be deterred that this product comes in a little lower on our list because we are excited for you to experience the great attributes KDLINKS has incorporated into this recorder. We don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction, which is why we have brought you an honest review and a reliable point of purchase for this product. Your search for an excellent dual dash cam could finally be over if you buy this product today!

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