KDLINKS X1 Advanced HD Dash Cam Review


A dash cam is an asset to have in every car, as the act of driving is extremely unpredictable. Through its unbeatable prices, full HD video recording capabilities, and hands-free accessibility, the KDLINKS X1 HD dash cam is becoming increasingly popular.

From road trippers to serious adventurers, or simply just for safety precautions, dash cams are being used everywhere. The full-HD video delivers buyers crisp and clear results, creating a realistic playback experience. Known for its WDR (wide dynamic range) lens, every moment such as sightseeing, sunsets, and spontaneous nighttime drives will be captured at every angle.

Dash cams also have features for security reasons as well. The KDLINKS X1 HD dash cam has superior night vision, and a 165-degree angle lens that ensures the driver’s safety. For the moments of emergencies, like theft, car damage, or even car accidents, this dash cam can catch every moment. It offers superior night vision, making the safety features unbeatable, and quality recordings in any lighting situation.

The night vision is a class F1.6 six-glass lens, proving to have the best quality night recordings. It also offers a conveniently built-in GPS module to record GPS data into the dash cam recordings, and drivers can check current vehicle location, speed, and routes on Google maps. This is a bonus feature that allows travelers always to remain aware of where they are and keeps them on the correct route when there is difficult visibility, or if they are traveling in unknown areas.

The KDLINKS X1 HD has amazing safety features promising vehicle safety. It also includes an emergency lock button and accident auto detection, unlike some dash cams. The best feature of this dash cam is the high-quality Li-polymer 3.7c 110mah battery that can withstand high and low temperatures and last for long periods of time.

Product Features:

  • HD video
  • 30 FPS
  • 165-degree angle lenses
  • 2.7” screen
  • Built in GPS
  • Six lensed glass night vision
  • G-Sensor
  • WDR video system
  • 8GB micro SD card included

Product Specifications:

KDLINKS X1 screen

The KDLINKS X1 HD proves to be one of the better dash cams on the market. Not only is it affordable, but it has a wide range of features. This specific dash cam is taking hands-free to a whole other level. With the GPS built-in mount, there are no more tangled cords or clutter on your dash.

This GPS precisely records all data into recordings so drivers can check their vehicle location, route, and speed through a Google map software. Another outstanding safety feature is the G-sensor that can lock any video file for the driver. So, while the dash cam secures the vehicle, the dash cam secures itself as well. The KDLINKS X1 HD benefits don’t stop there! With its excellent capability for night vision, HD video, and 165-degree angle lenses, the dash cam catches every angle and object in view. This creates overall buyer satisfaction through its quality recordings.


  • Automatic recording in a continuous loop
  • Wide angle view
  • Easy setup
  • Bright and clear LCD screen
  • Records at 30 FPS with H.264
  • Extremely sensitive AR0330 sensor
  • Windows and Mac GPS video data


  • Includes only a one year warranty
  • Suction mount

Is KDLINKS X1 the Right One?

The KDLINKS X1 HD is an impressive gadget, performing better than many comparable devices. Buyers can watch smooth video recordings with its 1080p recording and 30 fps. The LCD screen makes it easier for buyers to frame their camera and change the settings. The built-in GPS is extremely helpful for drivers to record their speed and where they have traveled to and from. The camera can even rotate on its mount to record at different angles, including a view of the passengers.

This video recording device lets drivers know what is happening without bothering them while on the road and includes quality sound, so it’s easy to listen. The HD quality lenses allow drivers to see the car license plate of the car in front of them clearly. This quality comes in handy for accident-prone incidents. If the KDLINKS X1 HD dash cam sounds like what you’ve been searching for, we are certain you won’t be sorry buying this excellent product from our reliable seller today!

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