Klaren 2.5″ Basic Car Dash Cam Review

Klaren 2.5 inch review

Made available for purchase just last year, the Klaren 2.5 inches Dash Cam is a video and audio recording device for vehicles. The relatively lightweight model—weighing in at under 4 ounces—advertises itself as a reliable product for those that are looking to set up a recording device in their car. Indeed, Klaren is popularly referred to as a solid electronic brand—due to its good quality compared to its prices. This product can fulfill a variety of needs, to give the user peace of mind if they have experienced vehicular crime, for instructional purposes, or to simply record while on the move. This easy-to-use dash camera is a handy little piece of recording equipment for those needing something to record audio and/or video without breaking their budget.

Product Features:

Even as a relatively simple model, the Klaren 2.5 inches Dash Camera offers several innovative features that set it apart from some of the other similarly-priced models by other brands. One of the most convenient features of the product is that it begins recording immediately once you power up your vehicle.

It also has a high-speed recording with high definition video quality that surpasses that of which you would typically expect from a cam being sold at this price. In addition to the quality, the product also supports night-vision. While recording during the daytime is typical, being able to record audio but especially video at nighttime makes it much more of a marketable and useful product.

The camera itself is also rotatable, with a screen rotation angle of 270 degrees and a 90-degree viewing angle.

Other product features worth mentioning include:

  • Has 6 LED’s
  • 2.5” TFT Colorful Monitor
  • Supports an SD card up to 32GB - which isn’t included in your purchase, so you must get this separately
  • 640*480 resolution
  • Offers Quick Snap, Quick Review, and Quick Video Recording features
  • ​Cycled recording and repeat storage by section

Also, the contents of the packet purchased here include a car DVR, a mount, a USB cable, and a car charger.


The specifications of the Klaren 2.5inch Dash Cam are basic but efficient for its price. Plus, if you are not particularly tech-savvy or looking for the most high-tech piece of vehicle recording equipment on the market, this will work as a solid audio and video recording device for most users.

On to the important specs you might be interested in:

  • Product Weight: 96g (or almost 3.4oz)
  • Product Size (folded): 106x62x33mm
  • Uses a rechargeable Li-ion Battery - not included in the package
  • Power: DC 5V
  • Display: 2.5inches TFT Colorful LCD
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Color: Black
  • ​Video Format: AVI
  • ​Image Format: JPEG
  • ​Chipset: STK
  • ​Car Charger Input: 12-24V
  • Recording resolution: 1280x960 / 720x480 / 640x480 pixels


  • This product works well as a standard piece of equipment to keep around for basic recording purposes in your vehicle.
  • It can be useful for anyone, whether you are not very technologically savvy, or even if you are and simply want a good piece of recording equipment without going over your budget.
  • The major pro of the product though is that, in considering its price to value ratio, it offers users a lot of helpful features and good quality.


  • It lacks some of the more high-end specs and features you may see on the most innovative cams that are currently available on the market, and therefore may not fully satisfy those who are looking for the best there is to find.
  • Those used to the most cutting edge features and top high-definition quality, while this product offers what you need to record audio and video during both the day and nighttime from your vehicle, you might have to spend a little more to get the highest quality equipment available.

Is Klaren 2.5" the Right One?

Overall, there aren’t many complaints about this product. It’s not the most jaw-dropping or groundbreaking dash cam available on the market, but for its price and the features it offers, it works well for anyone just looking for a good piece of low-cost car recording equipment that won’t break apart in their hands.For anyone in search of a good quality dash cam at a good price, we recommend purchasing the Klaren 2.5 inches Dash Cam for your car!

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