PowMax HH-B60 FHD: The Affordable Dual Dash Cam


Most people spend a lot of money on a motor vehicle of some description and for many it becomes their pride and joy. It is little wonder that people become very security aware in order to look after their prized possession.

Many motorists are turning to a dash cam in their vehicle to give them peace of mind in the event of a motoring accident.

Over the years, a recording device could mostly be found in use by the police, truckers or on any mode of public transport. However, in the last five to ten years there has been a steady increase in the number of everyday motorists being able to purchase a cam for their family vehicle.

With the price of good quality systems falling dramatically, due to competition in the market place and consumer demand, a recording device for your car is fast becoming a must have gadget for motorists all over the US and further afield.

In the age of insurance claims, it can be argued that, every piece of equipment that helps you prove you are not to blame is money very well spent.

Here we have carried out extensive research into the moderately priced ProMax HH-B60 FHD model. This unit has dual cameras to ensure it records the action from the front and rear of the vehicle. Knowing that everything can be recorded gives the driver added confidence just in case of an emergency.

In the latest in our series of dash cam reviews, we are looking at the PowMa HH-B60.

Product Features

This model has a whole host of exciting features. It has high-quality dual cameras which can video inside, front and back, meaning you won’t miss a thing. The front camera with 1080P at 30 frames per second and records very high-resolution video. The rare rotation cam is 720P at 30 frames per second.

With this in car camera, you benefit from having a high configuration which means you will not miss a thing as the cam captures it all. This is all thanks to having an NTK96655 chipset plus OV9712 sensor plus 6G lens with 170 degrees super wide angle lens. In addition to this it also has FHD 1920x1080P/30fps video recording and H.264 video compression technology. It also features a rotated 270 rear lens and 1Gig DDR2 memory cache.​

This cam has a built-in GPS log which will precisely record the GPS data into the cam’s video file. This becomes very handy when checking the location of the vehicle, the speed and the route via Google Maps. This is all very accurately calculated through high powered software inside the dual lens dash cam.

The car dash camera comes with motion detection which is a very handy feature when enabled. The cam can sense when there is any movement by an object. The in car camera then automatically goes into detection motion standby when the object is still and when it moves again it will be picked up by the in-car camera again. The videos which are recorded will be saved, stored and locked by the device.

The loop recording technology allows the cam to cover over previously recorded files without actually deleting them. This happens even when storage is full to capacity, this ensures that you will not delete any important recorded footage. Emergency files of the G-Sensor cannot be overwritten at any time. These files are recorded during a collision or a sharp turn. This is very useful as the video footage could provide vital evidence during a court case or indeed an insurance claim.

Product Specifications

If you are thinking of investing in a car camera recorder then you may well want to seriously consider buying the affordable PowMax HH-B60 FHD. This small dash cam measures just 2.31 inches in size, but still manages to pack a sizeable punch. It is packed with useful features such as, being a dual view (front and rear) that can record at a wide angle of 170 degrees.

It is able to record front facing videos at 1080P FHD quality with rare shots being 720P. It is equipped with G-Sensor and build in GPS Google Maps software.

This model is very simple to use with its wide-angle lens and can be used during the day or at night (obviously, you get better results during daytime use). This system comes in at an average price but really outperforms many of its top dollar competitors on the market.

Latest Car Dash Camera Video Innovations

It comes very well equipped with high spec technology and useful configuration with the 6G lens, NTK95566 chipset and OV9712 sensor. It has to be noted that the configuration is far more effective when compared to many of its so called top end competitors.

With this recording device, you can shoot amazing high-quality videos inside or outside your vehicle without the hassle of having to do anything. Once the engine is running you are recording your journey.

The HD quality video that you capture is excellent and can also be performed from a very wide angle, which adds to the overall viewing. The video is recorded at a speed of 30 seconds per frame which can come in very handy when taking a picture of a licence place.

Recordings can be made in real-time or when the vehicle is stationary.

The looping technology that this cam is capable of makes it possible for you to record footage without deleting any previous videos. This is possible even when the storage capacity is totally full, the dash cam just simply covers the previous files, meaning that recent vital footage cannot be overwritten. In the case of an unwanted accident such as a sharp turn or crash the G-Sensor emergency files also cannot be overwritten.

On top of all that the rare lens is able to rotate 120 degrees to enable it to give a very clear recording.

GPS Data Storage

The dash cam is equipped to be able to record vehicles in real-time with its built in GPS. This can provide the driver with the exact location, speed and route through Google Maps. This software is all built into this one little device.

The real-time data is very useful when needing to give an exact location to somebody during an emergency such as an accident or indeed to an insurance company as proof.

Motion Sensor

The auto motion sensors ensure that recording can instantly start as soon as the system detects any object coming into contact with the motor vehicle. It must be noted that the motion sensor must be turned on when you start your journey and it will go into standby as soon as it has finished processing that your motor vehicle has come into contact with any object. It will start up again as soon as it detects another object, it will then record, save and locks the recorded video onto the camera.

User Friendly

The cam is very easy to use you can just set it to go and sit back in your vehicle and enjoy your journey without having to worry about having to change any settings. You don’t have to concern yourself with what the quality of the video footage will be like, because rest assured it will be high-quality, especially in the daytime.

You can even have peace of mind that the camera will record any incident when something comes into contact with your motor during the time you are away from it and it is parked up in the parking lot or on your driveway.

This really is a high-performing dash cam which should turn out to prove excellent value for money.


  • For the average price this product punches well above its weight and puts some of its pricier competitors to shame.
  • HD quality video recording.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Helpful customer service.
  • This product has built in GPS software which links up to Google Maps.


  • The video doesn’t record as effectively at nighttime.
  • Sometimes the cam doesn’t shut off when the engine stops or starts, so always make a point of double checking that the video is running.

Benefits Of Dash Cam Recordings

There are so many benefits to having an HD dash cam recording. Firstly, they can provide evidence following a dispute over an accident. The video footage can help you with your insurance claim to prove that the incident in question was not your fault.

The dual lens dash cam can also help when you may have to report another driver for bad driving practices such as tail gating or jumping a red light.

There are many states in America which run schemes for drivers to help them report such incidents in order to make roads safer. On the subject of safety, lots of people have minor accidents when trying to park their car and often bump or scratch the car parked next to them.

With an onboard camera, you will be able to tell which car has bumped yours while you were parked up during a shopping trip, as the video would have recorded the whole incident.

With the camera having built in GPS which is linked to Google Maps it provides the driver with peace of mind when driving in unfamiliar areas. This useful software can help prevent accidents as the driver will drive more consistently and confidently and be less hesitant if they know clearly their destination route.

Certain drivers will definitely benefit from investing in a dual lens dash cam. For example, driving instructors will find the product particularly useful as an aid to help them teach their pupils to learn all about road safety. It would also be most helpful for taxi drivers as it will act as an extra anti-theft deterrent to troublesome passengers.

Benefits Of Rear Facing Camera

The main benefit of having a rear facing camera is that the driver can be aware of what is happening behind them when driving, without taking their eyes off the road ahead.

This is partially useful when other drivers are making a nuisance of themselves on the road by tailgating.

The rare facing cam can be of good use when reverse parking your vehicle into a tight space. The rotated rare camera is of fairly high quality with a video recording capability of 720P at 30 frames per second.

The cam also becomes a useful tool to help avoid crime to your car or others around it due to its motion sensor. This motion function is activated whenever an object moves within close proximity to your vehicle.

Overall having a rare facing video device is very handy for all motorists.

Tips For Using Your HD Dash Cam

This model is fairly effortless to use as it is just placed on your dashboard or windshield in a matter of seconds, thanks to the suction cup which is provided with purchase. It also comes with a car charger and USB cable.

It is important to remember to always attach the dash cam to an external power device as the cam’s battery is essentially only used for emergency purposes.

It is good common practice to always make sure that the camera has started to record as you switch your engine on before you begin your journey.

You should have no problems with the device and if you do then make sure you follow the user-friendly handbook provided, which is easy to read.

Is PowMax HH-B60 FHD What You Need?

Is this product just another needless gadget for your vehicle? Or will this product enhance the quality of your driving experience? It is without a doubt the second.

If you want to make your driving experience that little bit more hassle free then you definitely should give serious consideration to buying a Pow-Max HD-B60 FHD. The device is very cost-effective and has a user-friendly design to enable it to be fitted in your vehicle effortlessly. It can be fitted easily onto the dashboard or windshield within seconds, thanks to the suction cup which is provided when buying the product.

With this product despite being small in size it sure can perform. And you get a whole lot of high-quality technology for a very reasonable price.