Can A Car Dash Cam Prevent Crime?

The number one reason why people install a car dashboard web cam is to have video evidence in case they are involved in accidents. Video evidence is irrefutable proof of determining who is at fault. Accidents can happen anywhere. You could get hit by another car while driving on the road. You might even get into an accident involving a pedestrian. Having a car accident recording system will go a long way in establishing your innocence.

Another reason that is not often mentioned or talked about is how a car dash cam can prevent crime. Just like accidents, crime can take place anywhere. A car mash- up might actually be an insurance scam. And just because you are within the steel framework of a 4,000- pound car does not mean you are outside the reach of criminal elements.

So how will a car dash cam prevent you from becoming a victim of crime?

1. Car Dash Cam Can Be A Crime-Deterrent

Car dash cams are growing in popularity over the last few years. From 2012 to 2017, the global sales of car dash cams grew from $1.24 Billion to $2.23 Billion. Global sales of car dash cams are estimated to hit $2.58 Billion in 2018 and $3.49 Billion in 2020.

The rise in sales is not only attributable to having video evidence on car accidents. More consumers view the car dash cam as a deterrent against crime.

For example, in the United States, sales of car dash cameras are expected to increase by 20% from 228,000 in 2017 to 285,000 in 2018. One of the main reasons cited for the increase in sales is to prevent or deter crime.

In Wales, sales of car dash cameras are likewise on the rise. Retailers of car dash cams report that sales are up by 102% as vehicle owners become more concerned about being victims of fraud and criminal activity.

How does a car dashboard web cam deter crime?

When a criminal sees a car dash cam on your windshield or dashboard, he/she will think twice before committing a felony.

And don’t believe for a second that installing a fake car camera will have the same result. Some criminals have experience with car dash cameras. They can tell if what is installed is the genuine article of a fake car camera.

2. Car Insurance Fraud

You could be driving peacefully on the road singing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” when without warning the car in front of you suddenly hits the brakes.

Wham! You hit the car from the back and at the same time, you get rear-ended yourself. The drivers come out of their respective vehicles and demand payment.

You didn’t know it at the time. Maybe you didn’t notice the proximity of the car in front of you or that the car from the right lane suddenly swerved to the left and took position behind you.

A car accident happens so fast but the events that follow feel like they’re moving in slow motion. The drivers know you have been shaken and stirred like James Bond’s martini. They know because they planned it from the very beginning.

The preceding situation is what insurance brokers call “Crash for Cash”, a fraudulent scheme which has caused insurance companies billions of dollars every year in false claims.

Having a dual dash dam with a camera in front and the rear of your car will provide you with video evidence of the fraudsters in action. It’s a small investment that can protect your insurance premiums from rising unnecessarily.

3. False Injury Claims

A car dash cam will also prevent you from becoming victim of fraudsters who stage personal injury.

How does this happen?

You could be driving in a busy street when all of a sudden a crossing pedestrian inexplicably hurls his/her body unto your car. They usually do it from the right side which is further out from your peripheral vision.

They could have a few broken ribs or minor cuts and bruises. These are inconveniences they are willing to take because they will file false injury claims against you. The monetary rewards will help them tolerate the pain for a few weeks.

Similar to insurance fraud, a car accident recording system will provide you with video footage that will absolve you from the claims. There are some models of car dash cams that record details such as the actual speed at the time of the accident.

Insurance investigators as well as the police know how to apply the principles of Physics to unquestionably prove the claims of the victim were false.

4. Road Rage

You’ve probably seen hundreds of video footage of road rage on social media networks like Facebook and YouTube. It looks funny until it happens to you.

You have no idea who you are sharing the road with every time you are driving. Road rage can happen any time. It can strike without warning. Drivers are individual people with their own distinct personalities.

They can be set off by a bad day at work, an argument with the spouse or worse, they just like to intimidate other drivers.

Road rage can be unnerving. Some erring drivers will harass you for several miles. They might hurl invectives and death threats at you. This will not be a pleasant experience especially if there are children on board your car.

A windshield camera dash cam will record the entire incident. If you have one with high resolution and the ability to pick up audio, you will have powerful video evidence which you can use to identify the other personalities.

Video footage from your car dash cam can help put these irresponsible drivers away before they do harm to other well-meaning vehicle owners.

5. Corrupt Police

Policemen are symbols for truth and justice. We place our trust in them to keep us safe. However, there are also bad eggs in the police force. These are the rogue police officers who use their position of power to harass and take advantage of innocent car owners.

You’ve read the news and watched the videos on cable TV and social media. There are policemen who stop vehicles for no other reason than to intimidate, extort or harass the driver.

Car dash cameras have helped exonerate vehicle owners who became victims of racial profiling and extortion.

6. Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can happen anytime and anyplace; including your own car. It happens when you least expect it and from people you trust. And sexual harassment is not limited to women; even men can get harassed.

An in car video camera recorder will record footage of any incident of sexual harassment. A woman who knows she has a camera that will vindicate her will fight harder to keep the predator from getting what he wants.

The same goes for a man who might be charged with attempted rape by a woman whose advances he spurned.

Recently, a state trooper from Tennessee was caught on a car dash cam groping a woman he stopped for an alleged traffic violation. He repeated the same act three hours later.

The car dash cam included audio recording which disputed the state trooper’s claim that he stopped the woman because he suspected her of taking sleep medication.


Installing a camera in your car will protect you from more than just accidents. It can help prevent crime or at the very least provide video evidence absolving you from any wrong-doing.

Don’t be misled by advice that you can get by with installing a fake car camera. Buy the real thing. If you have the budget, go for the dual dash cam which will cover the rear and front of your car. Also, consider getting an in car video camera recorder.

When it comes to personal safety, don’t take any chances. In the same manner that you cannot predict accidents, you have no precise way of knowing whether you will become a victim of crime.

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