Vantrue N2 1080p Dual Car Dash Cam Review

Vantrue N2 review

Dash cams are valuable investments that can protect you and your vehicle from wrongful collision accusations. Having recorded evidence in the event of an accident can make a huge difference on your insurance claim, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Therefore, police officers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, and other personnel who spend long periods of time on the road, often purchase these gadgets for their personal and financial security.

Because of the high stakes involved with this technology, the more angles that you can cover of your trip, the better chances you will have of capturing important moments. With the Vantrue N2 1080p dual, the two-camera system gives you visibility of both the cabin of your vehicle as well as the road ahead. This feature can be a valuable investment, as your video recording device will be able to serve as an eyewitness for either a front or rear-end collision.

Though this product has some drawbacks—not excluding the higher price tag, which is common with dual dash cams—its night vision mode and other features make it a worthy product to consider.

Vantrue N2 Features

Product Features:

  • Dual camera system offers both front facing and back facing views
  • HD video recording (1080p in the front and 720p in the rear)
  • Infrared night vision
  • G-sensor for crash protection
  • Seamless loop recording for up to a 64 GB SD card (card will need to be formatted to FAT32)
  • Parking mode time-lapse and motion detection (front camera only)

Product Specifications:

The device offers HD video quality and a speed of 30 frames per second for both its front and back cameras (1440x1080P and 1280x720P respectively). To use this device, you will need to purchase an SD card separately. The manufacturers recommend a 32 GB SD card, but you can even go up to a 64GB SD memory (though you will need to reformat it to FAT32 first). This device is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10, as well as Mac.


  • Two cameras supported by the same small body for front and rear view recording
  • G-sensor offers data production and backup in the event of a crash to prevent your video footage from getting destroyed or corrupted.
  • Parking mode will provide supervision to its vehicle, taking time-lapse photos while the driver is away, and activating record mode when motion is detected nearby the vehicle.
  • Seamless loop recording allows the device to record over old footage to save space.


  • Motion detection is only available for the front camera when in parking mode
  • Users have reported a glare during night vision recording due to the infrared light source
  • Much higher price point than single lens dash cams
  • Suction cup mount is reported to be extremely difficult to reposition once in place
Vantrue N2 Recording

Is Vantrue N2 the Right One?

Many are attracted to the Vantrue N2 1080p dual because it offers both a front camera and a back camera recording for wider visibility. This is an outstanding feature, but unfortunately, like most dual dash cams, this Vantrue model is significantly more expensive than single cam options because of the advanced technology that is required to channel both recordings through a single device. For some, this feature may be worth the added cost as it can be a valuable investment, especially if you get into a rear end collision and the video footage can serve as evidence for insurance purposes.

Besides the dual dash cam feature, the infrared night vision also gives this product added value, even though some users reported a glare or dark spots in the recordings. This is to be expected with most night modes, however.

If your priority is to find an affordable device that will provide you with the highest value, you may be better off investing in a single cam system that offers some of the same great features as the Vantrue N2 1080p dual —like HD recording, G-sensor, parking mode, etc. However, if having the additional camera is an important feature for your needs, this Vanture video recording device is a great option for you!

While this device has its advantages and drawbacks, we certainly think it is a great model. If this dash cam sounds like the kind you have been searching for, then purchase it today to start enjoying the benefits it can offer!

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