WheelWitness HD PRO: Top Of The Range Dash Cam With Built In GPS Tracking

Have you ever been in a car accident where there were no witnesses? What did you do? Was it challenging to work through the claims? Did you get falsely accused of being the guilty party? If there is one thing that takes the pleasure out of driving, it’s insurance and accidents.

No one wants to have to deal with the hassles of false claims and having to fork out extra money. But, without any witnesses to back up your story, what are you to do? What if we told you that there is a witness that works wonders in protecting you from false claims? What if we told you that there was a way that you could have visible proof for your insurance company?

Before you scoff, have you ever heard of a dashboard camera? It’s the number one way to prove your innocence when it comes to accidents. What could be more proof than the visuals of a collision?

Of course, you don’t want to run out and buy the first one you see. There are many features to consider, factors to keep in mind, and options to check out. To help you get started, we have compiled information on one specific dash cam that may be great for you. Read our Wheelwitness HD Pro Dash Cam with GPS review to discover if it’s the one that you want.

Quick Overview

WheelWitness HD PRO

So, one of the most important things to look for when shopping for a dash cam is its resolution. The WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam puts all other dash cameras to shame by having one of the best resolutions around at 2306x1296P Super HD.

With WDR and HDR technology, it is trust-worthy for use at night. Because it has a fully balanced exposure, it more easily captures details, even in low-light situations. This is a highly important factor when shopping for a dash cam and this option has it.

The WheelWitness includes 2 sticky mounts and one suction cup for easy installation. It also comes with a 16GB microSD for saving your footage.

Because it includes GPS, if you want to be sure to capture important information pertaining to a collision, you can. This is convenient for adding even more proof to your claim. From being able to capture speed to recording location, you will have all the details you could want should you need them. Not every dash camera has this feature, so if this is something that you must have, this dash camera may be exactly what you have been looking for.

With an extra wide-angle lens at 170º, you can be sure to get everything around you. The 12-foot power cable is also highly useful, as it allows you to install the camera in a non-conspicuous manner. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the cable getting in your view as you’re driving, which could cause an accident. There aren’t many options with cables as long or as easy to install as this option, so it’s definitely something to consider about the WheelWitness.

The WheelWitness has a G-sensor which is always a convenient feature to have. It automatically saves footage upon collision. Because an accident is when you want to have footage, the fact that it can sense bumps and shocks ensures that you will have the proof that you need.

Another incredible feature on this option is its loop recording. Loop recording is what any busy person needs when they want to record footage while driving. It helps them to not have to worry about downloading and deleting it. It simply deletes old files that you don’t need anymore to make room for new footage.

If you want to be able to view footage while in your car, this camera has an LCD display for easy viewing. The display also allows you to control settings by providing you with menu options and media playback. Of course, you can always check out footage on your PC with the MicroSD card.

If you’re looking for a durable, quality, and dependable dashboard camera, the Wheel Witness HD Pro has a lot of great features. While it’s pricier than some options, it’s fairly priced for what it offers. It isn’t perfect, but its accessible and offers some of the best resolution around.


  • It has loop recording, so you can always depend on new footage being saved
  • The G-sensor helps you to automatically have saved footage of accidents
  • ​It has great resolution, making it one of the best for clear footage
  • The wide-angle lens helps you to get broader coverage for more dependable footage
  • It can stand up to vibration on the road, helping you to get great footage no matter what


  • It doesn’t include a rear camera, which is always a helpful feature to have
  • The playback feature can go crazy at times, making it a bit challenging to view on the LCD display

Features To Consider

As you can see, the WheelWitness has a lot of great features to it. But, if for any reason you may not want it, the following features will help you be able to find a decent option for your needs. With these features in mind, you can more easily make a decision on a product that will save you from high insurance rates and false claims.


Size is an important factor when buying a dash cam. You don’t want something that is big and bulky that it gets in your way. You also want something that is subtle and not eye-catching. Of course, you don’t want one that is too small that it makes it hard to control and view.

The WheelWitness has a good size that won’t draw too many eyes your way yet still provides a decent enough size to work with.


Some people don’t mind sacrificing a display for a subtler design. You may want a display if you want to view the footage while in the car or when a collision occurs. You can have it on hand to prove your innocence. While the display may cause the camera to be larger than some other designs, it’s certainly useful.

The WheelWitness’s display is convenient in that it makes it easy to control the camera and see what you’re doing.

Loop Recording

If you’re a busy individual, it can be tricky to find the time to download files to make room for new footage. Fortunately, a lot of cameras have loop recording. If you’re looking for a way to save time, this is a feature that you want to pay attention to.

You can always be sure you have room on your camera for the unexpected when it comes to loop recording.


The G-sensor is a key feature and you definitely want to find a camera that has it. It will automatically save footage that happens upon collision. Bumps and shocks trigger the camera’s sensor and your accident footage is saved. This is what owning a dash camera is all about, so it’s one of the most helpful features found.


If you invest in a dash cam that doesn’t have an internal battery, you’ll need to have it plugged in. This becomes tricky when it comes to the cables. Some options have short cables that are plugged in directly from the dash cam to the USB outlet.

This can be an issue as it makes it obvious that you have a dash cam and also gets in your line of vision. The WheelWitness allows you to easily install the cable in a discreet manner due to it’s great length. If you want to be sure that your cable doesn’t give the camera away, look for one with a long cable like this one.

Window Mounts

Window mounts are often ignored when shopping for a camera, but they are an important feature. After all, if your camera keeps falling down, can it be relied on during a collision? This may be the one weak area with this option.

It doesn’t have the strongest mounts, so you may want to consider looking for an alternative option for installing this camera in your vehicle.

Resolution For Night Vision

There are many cameras that boast of night vision, but not all of them deliver. What is important to look for is a great resolution. The WheelWitness has a high resolution that ensures that the camera will capture excellent footage, day and night.

Is It For You?

You probably have a better idea of what to look for in terms of features and cameras. If you’re still on the fence about investing in a dash camera, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are dash cameras legal in the state? The first thing that you should consider before spending money on a camera is if it’s legal in your state. If it’s not, well, you may not want to buy one or if you do, you may want to be careful about using a tiny one if it’s illegal. If it is legal, do your research. Are you allowed to record audio with passengers in your car? Check out what is or isn’t allowed where you live before purchase.
  • Am I willing to solely rely on witnesses should I get in an accident? Some people don’t like the idea of having a camera in their car or having to fuss with it. That’s okay. But, just make sure that you’re also okay with the fact that you may not always have witnesses at the scene of an accident. It will be your word against the other person involved in the collision.
  • Do I want one with all the frills or is a simple one fine for what I need? Some dash cams come with all the features that you could think of. From loop recording to great front and rear cameras, they are full of the best features one could want. Yet, maybe you only want one that will record for long road trips and won’t use it every day. There are different options for different folks.
  • Do I prefer ones that can be used when the vehicle is parked? Before deciding on one for you or if the WheelWitness is for you, consider if parking mode is an essential feature for you. Parking mode is when the battery comes to life after you shut off the ignition. This allows you to record while inside the store, which is great should a hit and run happen. The WheelWitness does not have this feature.
  • How much do I want to spend on a camera? Last but not least, how much is your budget? For example, the WheelWitness isn’t as low-priced as some options, but you get great quality. That’s not to say there isn’t top quality in some other options, but price can (sometimes) gauge the quality.​

With that being said, it’s not always the case. Do your research to find great prices and top options. You may find one that is as affordable as it is dependable.


Are you ready to stay safe on the road? At least, safe from false claims? The WheelWitness HD Pro dash cam is quite a decent option. It has a lot of the best features that you could want without being too overly priced.

While it is missing a rear camera, if that is of no importance for you, focus on great features like the loop recording, night vison, and G-sensor. They’re tops on this option. If you can wing it, this is a great choice for reliable footage that will get you out of a pickle.